Consolidate, secure and enhance your Enterprise Deployments with the Sky-MDT Enterprise Image Management Team

Enterprise Image Management

Enterprise Image Management

Sky-MDT is a custom flavor of Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. We designed this service to be single or multi-tenant and support all sizes of environments. The design is hub and spoke setup meaning we can manage everything from one central server for all other spokes.  So no matter how large or remote your infrastructure is we can make it work for your needs.

Any Topography, Almost ANY Hardware

Tired of mailing computers back and forth to sites causing a possible security breach? Maybe you’re mailing USB sticks with some huge bloated disk image? Got a remote site you need to be able to image computers at without being there? Whether it’s a on-premise server, a cloud structure, multi-domain, an old Dell sitting in the closet or we host it for you, we can make anything happen using Sky-MDT.

If you are using more than 1 image per OS flavor, paying to use SCCM or have multi-sites in any country,  We can get you consolidated.

Some Of What We Do

We live and breath Enterprise Image Management

Branding Strategy

Brand your deployment to match your customers name, logo and or motto

Modern Design

Make your deployment as fresh as possible to make it as easy as possible for end users.

Security Patching

Apply all security and patching requirements at the time of deploying the OS to the computer.

Data Analysis

Reporting and data collection to see who, what and when a deployment is completed or errors.

Deployment Optimization

We can optimize your deployment by making sure you are only deploying what you need.

DEV Environment

We can mock up your current environment for testing before moving to production.

About Us

Enterprise Level Reporting

Generate reports for management pertaining to deployment status or other metrics

Simple to read reporting to provide updates to upper management for asset tracking with deployment process, failure percentage and much more.

Our Pricing

We have multiple pricing available. We can bill by the hour, block of time, server or per deployment

Hosted Repository Pricing

Starter Plan
Small Company
1 Year Contract
5 GB Disk
2 Imaging Servers
Email Support
Phone Support – $49/ Incident
Weekly Backups – 2 Weeks
Shared VPS
1 TB / Month Data Transfer
Learn More
Intermediate Plan
Medium Company
1 Year Contract
25 GB Disk
5 Imaging Servers
Email Support
Phone Support – $49/ Incident
Daily Backups – 7 Days
Shared VPS
3 TB / Month Data Transfer
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Enterprise Plan
Enterprise Company
2 Year Contract
400 GB Disk
20 Imaging Servers
Email Support
Phone Support – Included
Remote Support – Included
Daily Backups – 15 Days
Differential Backups – 2 / Daily
Dedicated VPS
10 TB / Month Data Transfer
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Platinum +PLUS
Fully Managed
Enterprise Company
2 Year Contract
500 GB Disk
UNLIMITED Imaging Servers
Email Support – Included
Phone Support – Included
Remote Support – Included
Daily Backups – 15 Days
Differential Backups – Hourly
HA Dedicated VPS
UNLIMITED / Month Data Transfer
Much, Much More
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*Prices are for the hosting plan and service. For full details click “LearnMore”

What People Say

We get feedback from not only our happy client but also previous clients and employees.
This is much easier to manage now that SkyMDT has reviewed our setup and made approved changes. Imaging is no longer a dreaded task for us.
Richard Smith
The team at SkyMDT has made everything easy to use and deploy. Windows 10 migration was a snap. Thank you for maintaining our corporate environment!
David Johnson
Could you be our next client to get image deployment optimized or consolidated? Maybe the next to leave comments about the SkyMDT service.
Ms. Future Happy Client

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